JT Barnett has written, directed and produced hundreds of works for film, streaming and television deliveries. He successfully helped carry the creative of "Cheaters" into several hundred markets internationally working under the brilliance of Reality TV architect Bobby Goldstein, as well as assisted in the shows transition into the streaming era.
JT Barnett was a pioneer on the team that helped spawn, "The Tiger King" concept with Joe Exotic. He field produced and directed the original sizzle reel and pilot to the Tiger King. This docuseries would go on to become the #1 Netflix worldwide sensation, most watched program of 2020 with 6 Emmy nominations and 160 million views. 
JT Barnett works closely with many influential brands, studios and networks. JT has worked all stages of development for multiple feature films under the expert tutelage of film producer Mark Lipsky.
Mr. Barnett is currently producing "Cheaters" for EP Bobby Goldstein, a program currently in it's 23rd season.  He is also talent manager for Joe Exotic and an advocate for justice reform. He is currently working on multiple features, series and programs with several great partners for a variety of mediums.​​​​​​​
Carmen Electra and JT
Carmen Electra and JT
Mark Lipsky, JT Barnett, Rob Agueli & Ben Loggins

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